Upon invitation a concept for an exhibition for an entire room inside the Schlossmuseum Linz (Upper Austria) was created. A playful interactive installation invites the visitors to either dive into information-cloud of the recently merged federal databases or observing another layer of information from above.

Entering the room the visitor can choose to stay spectator on the gallery at six meters watching others interact with the floorfilling projection or to step down and use one of the four objects and associated touchscreen terminals to explore the vast geotagged and timelined information about each little township of Upper Austria.

client argeMarie > federal state Upper Austria
conception Andreas Jalsovec, Manuel Schilcher [argeMarie], Woeishi Lean
exhibition architecture Richard Steger [argeMarie]
media production Woeishi Lean
media design Helena Wimmer
tracking Sebastian Neitsch
product design Jan Bernstein